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We’re passionate about creating amazing videos, affordably. We've got decades of experience, we're great to work with and boring gives us a rash.

Hi, I’m Rob

Founder & creative producer at Good Monsters.

I’ve been in the TV & Video industry for 25 years, and have worked in various capacities at every major Australian TV network. 

Good Monsters is small and nimble. I work on every Good Monsters project from start to finish, but we can also scale up quickly for bigger projects.

I value honesty, reliability and fun and I’d love to chat about your next project.



"Rob is the consummate professional - insightful, honest, creatively gifted, understands and works to the brief, then delivers the agreed product beautifully, on time and on-budget.”

Bruce BurgessNational Director, PeaceWise

Rob is super cool and fun to work with. His script writing and direction skills are amazing.

Chris ParkerExecutive Officer, CEPA

Rob's always brought his unique spirit, enthusiasm and infectious laugh to every level of our projects. The results have always delighted, amazed and exceeded expectations.

Colin BuchananMusician and Children's Entertainer

Working with Good Monsters was a joy. Rob's enthusiasm for my project, understanding what we were trying to convey and then executing it with such professionalism was so impressive. The reach that we achieved through this video was so helpful for our brand. Love the end product.

Ben CosfordSoul City Roasters

The Good Monsters team is experienced, reliable, talented and great to work with. They can help with script, voice, brand, editing - everything you need end-to-end or just a piece of it! Love working with the Monsters.

Ange KentPhocas Software

Good Monsters listened to our plans and gave us good advice to get the most from our budget. We found Rob flexible, full of good ideas, and easy to work with.

Steve Oades

We love video,

for Good.

We have a passion for helping organisations that help others. We love working with non-profits, charities, and other organisations that are out to help make this world a better place.


The world of video production can definitely be challenging. But fear not. We’re experts at everything in the process from a rough idea through to a finished video. We can hold you hand through it all. We'll even provide the hand sanitiser.

Strategy and Pre-production

Confucius once said “videos are made in pre-production.”  Which basically means the most important stuff all happens before you actually start shooting or animating. Most videos are made without putting enough thought into things like who your audience is, exactly what you want to say to them, and how you want to say it. We can help you with all of this – and help you turn a good video into an awesome video.


Unless you’re making a video that’s entirely animated, or you have existing footage, you’ll probably need to shoot something.
A successful shoot requires careful planning. And caffeine.

Post production

Post production is everything that happens after the shoot – editing, graphics and animation, voice over recording and the audio mix.
There’s a classic saying in video production: we’ll fix it in post. It basically means “someone else will fix it later.” At Good Monsters, we never fix it in post because everything always runs perfectly on the shoot. Honest.

Let's Make Something Awesome.

We work in Northern NSW, Gold Coast and Brisbane, but we can make a video for you wherever you are!

Ph. 0411 525 392

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